Here we want to include information that will:

  • assist with the development of ideas and proposals
  • enable people to collaborate with others who have an interest in their idea.

Setting up a work group

The internet offers many ways for groups of people to work together online. Free ways that are commonly used and which give people options to restrict or enable access to documents and discussions include:

Facebook .. Facebook Groups allow you to upload files, organise events, create a group email and set up live chat sessions.

Google Drive .. Using Google Drive allows you to share files and folders. You can use this together with the Google Groups application.

Dropbox .. This is another great facility for sharing files and folders between users (including those not registered with Dropbox) and across the various devices you might have.

We’ve been looking for an online app that allows people to develop a shared noticeboard or ‘post-it’ board. seems to fit the bill.

Checking out new thinking elsewhere

Here are some sites worth checking out:

Nesta .. innovation in public services

New Economics Foundation .. some interesting thinking on public service reform and well-being.

Think Local Act Personal .. perhaps a mouthpiece for current policy which is never questioned; but lots of interesting content.

Social Care Institute for Excellence .. lots of good stuff here although you may have to dig to find something that excites you. Social Care TV has lots of good video material.

Kings Fund .. ‘ideas that change health care’.

There are thousands of voluntary and other organisations with interesting things to say about health and social care. Here’s one list on the Choices and Rights website.

Local Government Association initiative on ‘rewiring public services’ including adult social care.

FUTUREGOV .. ‘passionate about innovation in public services’.

Disruptive Social Care .. ‘provocative discussion programme promoting innovation in social care’ .. and looking at the potential of ‘tech’ to encourage connected communities.

The Young Foundation .. particularly interested in innovative ways of meeting the needs of people with long-term conditions.

dallas .. innovation in assisted living.

Compassion and ‘quiet mind’ in care from Frameworks 4 Change.

DEMOS .. commission on residential care.

Civil Exchange .. offer some interesting perspectives on what is happening in our communities through their Big Society audit.

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Other useful links

This page on the Public World site has a very good list of links concerning health standards and regulation.

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