Getting the most from what ‘the community’ has to offer is supported in many areas of social policy. Plenty of people have been giving thought over recent years to how that idea can be put into practice. One proposal is ootiinoo. ootiinoo is explained in this video.

The idea of ootiinoo, matching one person or group’s skill/knowledge/possession/facility to another’s problem, is one that many people will sign up to. But there needs to be some ‘delivery mechanism’ to allow that to happen. It didn’t make sense to the project workers to set up ootiinoo as a new organisation when, in every community, there are already many well-developed structures for sharing.

The idea is that ootiinoo can thrive in groups, organisations and communities where there is already a degree of confidence in each other among the members and where trusted relationships already exist. Examples include:

  • churches and faith groups
  • voluntary groups and societies
  • community associations
  • streets and neighbourhoods
  • employing organisations
  • sports clubs and supporters’ clubs
  • friendship and interest groups
  • social networks
  • service user groups.

The ootiinoo web app offers those groups, organisations and communities a new facility for mutual support, building on the connections and relationships that are already there .. enabling people to realise the full value of their membership.

For more information about ootiinoo use the Contact page.


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