About Design for Care

Design for Care looks to publish ideas about ways to improve what’s going on in health and social care services. We welcome contributions from anyone with a clear idea of how things can change for the better including people who have used or who currently rely on services.

The changes people might want to make can range from what goes on between a front-line worker and someone they support, right up to how whole organisations and systems work.

Use the IdeaShare page to publish ideas and proposals.

See our Design for Care video channel.

Design for Care seeks to provide a channel through which new thinking about health and social care can emerge and receive critical consideration.

There are many creative people at all levels in health and social care who can see how things can be made to work better but who don’t have the opportunity to share their ideas, proposals and projects with more than their immediate friends and colleagues.

As a consequence most of us, most of the time are only exposed to the currently accepted views about how things should be, the views that have been formed by a relatively small group of people. So much is lost because of that. Health and social care organisations, anxious to comply with the current policy, overlook the creative capacity of their members. Few people have the opportunity to challenge orthodox thinking.

Very simply, this site seeks to:

  • shine a light on good ideas about how to improve health and social care
  • give anyone an opportunity to bring their ideas forward
  • provide a basis for people to collaborate.

People who are interested should be able to use the site to:

  • find others who share their thinking or who are interested in discussing the ideas they are bringing forward
  • get peer reviews of their ideas and proposals
  • form online and face-to-face workgroups to build proposals into fully fledged projects
  • foster the development of thinking that cuts across disciplines and work settings
  • share information about resources that people with new ideas might find helpful.

The focus of the site is on the everyday experience of people who rely upon health and social care services and people who provide them.

The site is not value free. It is guided by a concern to secure the full participation of all citizens in the life of their communities .. and by how people work together and relate together to secure that participation. This demands respect for each person and a determination to assert their right to be treated as an equal citizen.

There is an interest in contributions from service staff and managers, people who use services, carers, politicians and others. Although the subject is health and social care, it’s not assumed that all the solutions will all come from the ‘caring industry’. Collaboration between, for example, care workers, software developers, engineers, artists and community workers should not be unusual.

The key characteristics of the site are: pooling knowledge, working on ideas together, sharing resources, critically appraising ideas and proposals.


Please let us know your views

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