Matthew’s Book


‘Matthew’s Book’ is a small project but it has generated a big response. The book is on an iPad. It provides a multi-media guide to Matthew and his needs. The book will follow Matthew wherever he goes, including hospital, to ensure that all staff working with him can quickly find out about the essential aspects of his care .. and what good practice means for him.

Tony and Tricia, Matthew’s parents, presented the book at the national CIPOLD conference where people gave it an enthusiastic reception. It has since been to the Hull Learning Disability Partnership Board and into various meetings where people have been nothing but positive. Over 3,000 visits have been made to the Matthew’s book page on this site. So far, there have been no negative comments.

It seems to have hit a chord. It’s not just the novelty of the iPad. It seems that people have seen in Matthew’s Book something that gets much closer to someone’s needs and personal experience than anything we can put in a paper document.

We’ve received lots of suggestions for applying the approach in other areas: transition plans, care plan reviews, hospital records, staff training etc .. and with people with other disabilities. We’re also looking at how the approach can be scaled up to make this kinds of interactive guides more widely available by making it technically simpler.


Please let us know your views

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