ootiinoo .. getting the most from community groups



  • in a church congregation the person who sits in the front pew gets to find out that the couple in the back pew could benefit from his knowledge of pensions and annuities
  • in a local authority the person who works in the Housing Office discovers that the person who’s a clerk in Trading Standards can sit in one evening a week with his elderly mother
  • in a street the person in number 9 finds out that the family in number 38 would love to look after her dog when she goes away
  • in a football supporters club the person who sits in the South Stand discovers that the person who sits 4 rows behind him also has a disabled son who enjoys rock music
  • in a patients support group the newly diagnosed person can ask for advice from others who have more experience of the condition.

All of these begin with a existing affiliation to or identification with a group or organisation or community and lead to the discovery among the ‘members’ that they have more to offer each other than they could otherwise have known. This is the idea of ootiino.

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